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Jay Flores


Within his 20 years of facilities experience, Jay has overseen staffs of maintenance technicians and engineers responsible for assuring optimal performance of mechanical and HVAC equipment on a multitude of properties with equipment ranging from chiller operated systems to roof top units. He also has extensive experience in overall maintenance performance including electrical, plumbing, energy management, construction, major projects, and more. Jay is a certified HVAC technician.


As co-founder and principal of CREM, Jay has over 20 years experience in facilities maintenance and building engineering. He is a certified HVAC technician specializing in chiller operated systems as well as retail and office roof-top units. His extensive managerial experience in facilities maintenance and building engineering ensures optimal performance and results of mechanical and building projects. Jay’s property management knowledge extends to contract oversight, energy management, construction and capital outlay projects, electrical, plumbing and overall building and grounds maintenance.

Jay Flores headshot
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